Artists Statement

“I use various size formats in wood, resin, metals and acrylic with fine attention to detail and technical precision through cutting, carving, painting and casting. Some of my pieces are planned, using my technical experience to work with exact measurements and calculations in the construction process. Other pieces are process-oriented: an exploration of the material and the dynamic tension between different materials, textures, reflections and the energetic field. Abstract and shifting perspectives: from the inner workings of the human cell to detailed aerials of Berlin and New York.

In a world where people are living a majority of their waking hours in an illusionary two-dimensional existence through computer screens and television, my work challenges one to extend one’s perceptual comfort zone. I am exploring the meeting between reality and illusion. The movement from the surface into the 3 dimensional space and further: pushing the boundaries within my own perception and those of my audience. The third, fourth and maybe fifth and sixth dimensional space around and within us.

I believe there is another ‘reality’ around us which we don’t know about, the unproved that reveals itself through projective Geometry: forms that simply emerge within composed and organized lines. Making things visible where there is no mathematical or scientific proof”