Enamel on wood, Diameter 113cm
Acrylic on wood, 76x55cm
Acrylic on wood and resin, 117x117cm
Carved and burned wood, 63x63cm
Acrylic and burned wood, 121x122cm
Acrylic on wood, 154x126cm
Carved and burned wood, 123x123cm
Carved and burned wood 63x63cm
Acrylic, wood and resin 102×121
Acrylic and burned wood, Perspex 86x34cm
Acrylic on wood and resin 244×122
Acrylic on wood and resin 122x80cm
Acrylic on wood 63x63cm (Diptych)
Acrylic on wood and black perspex 90x120cm
Acrylic on wood and resin 114x121cm
Acrylic on wood 244x122cm
Acrylic on wood and resin 244x122cm
Acrylic on wood and mpingo 121x80cm  
Acrylic on wood and resin 122x37cm
Acrylic, burned wood and resin 122x114cm
Acrylic and burned wood 243x120cm
Acrylic, burned wood and resin 244x122cm  
Acrylic on wood 40x50cm
Acrylic on wood 40x40cm  
Acrylic on wood 105x150cm
Acrylic and lacquer on wood 83x79cm
Acrylic and lacquer on wood 126x45cm
Wood panel diameter 111cm
Acrylic on wood 112x99cm
Acrylic on wood 37x54cm
Acrylic on burned wood 93x122cm
Acrylic, wood, resin 121x159cm
Acrylic on burned wood 66x120cm
Acrylic on burned wood 150x121cm
Acrylic and lacquer on wood 104x82cm
Acrylic on wood 122x92cm
Acrylic on wood 86x90cm
Reclaimed wood 62x73cm
Acrylic, wood, resin 90x80cm
Acrylic on burned wood 237x120cm
Acrylic on wood 61x59cm
Acrylic, wood, resin 159x121cm
Acrylic on wood 120x98cm
Burned wood 117x79cm
Acrylic, wood, resin 121x89cm
Acrylic on wood 81x54cm
Acrylic, wood, resin 78x118cm
Acrylic on wood 120x90cm
Acrylic on burned wood 30x98cm
Acrylic on wood 117x86cm
Burned wood 62x116cm
Acrylic on wood 32x56cm
Acrylic on wood 48x55cm
Burned wood 151x100cm
Reclaimed wood 75x149cm
Acrylic, wood, resin 127x116cm
Acrylic on burned wood 244x121cm
Acrylic on burned wood 46x182cm
Burned wood 99x27cm
Acrylic, burned wood 60x16cm
Acrylic, burned wood 31x98cm
Acrylic on burned wood 119x60cm
Acrylic on wood 98x30cm
Burned wood 90x70cm
Acrylic on burned wood 88x88cm
Burned wood 73x30cm
Acrylic on wood, resin, copper 244x121cm
Acrylic on wood 160x30cm
Acrylic, wood, aluminium 122x101cm
Acrylic on wood 39x40cm
Acrylic on burned wood 46x30cm
Acrylic on wood 56x30cm
Acrylic on wood 118x66cm
Burned wood, Perspex, phosphorus 28x28cm
Acrylic on wood 46x79cm
Acrylic on wood, resin 244x48cm
Burned wood, wax 98x12cm
Project: Victoria 50, Cape Town, South Africa Client: Stefan Antoni Archite
Project: Competition – Thermalbad Bad Saarow (thermal spa) – Ge
Project: The Orangerie, Cape Town, South Africa Client: Old Mutual Properti
Project: The Arches, Chicago, USA Client: Granite Partners Architect: Fitzg
Project: Somerset Forest, Cape Town, South Africa Client: MSP Architect: Ja
Project: Stingray (private residence) – Cape Town – South Afric
Project: Stadtbad Schoeneberg (swimming complex) – Berlin – Ger
Project: South Break, Muizenberg, South Africa Client: MSP Architect: Jacob
Project: Somerset Country Estate – Cape Town – South Africa Cli
Project: Stonehurst Close, Cape Town, South Africa Client: ITHACA Architect
Project: Serene Newlands, Cape Town Client: Serene Developers Architect: Wy
Project: Seaton Delaval, Durban, South Africa Client: Amber Mountain Invest
Project: Schwimmbad (swimming complex) Brandenburg – Germany Client:
Project: Interpretation Centre, Rooisand Nature Reserve Client: Arabella Ar
Project: Portobelo – Mossel Bay – South Africa Client: Greenfie
Project: Music Lab(club/music laboratory) – Amsterdam – Netherl
Project: Loftliving – Berlin – Germany Client: Projectdeveloper
Project: Mobile pavilion for the EXPO 2000 – Hannover -Germany Client
Project: 7 hills for the Martin Gropius Bau – Berlin – Germany