Liminal Vessel

2017 Acrylic and axe on wood, 197x62x42cm

Gold On Verdigris

2017 Mixed media on wood, 24x27cm

Portrait Of An Artist

2017 Acrylic on wood, 87x107cm


2017 Acrylic on wood and animal skin, 83x83cm

Man With Cigar

2017 Acrylic on wood and Perspex, 27x32cm

Red Resin And Verdigris

2017 Mixed media on wood, 62x65cm


2017 Acrylic on wood and Wenge, 100x156cm

The Gate

2017 (Media Installation) Mixed media, Sound and Light, 244x244120cm

About Lars 

I am exploring the space between optical illusion and reality – the moment of the day meeting the night, above and below, outer and inner. That is the fundamental idea – a fine line which one can’t grasp just like that. One has to find a new language to pinch through and into it.

I find it highly interesting where a space starts and where it stops: what are the boundaries… the wall? A wall always separates one side with the other. But what is in between? Can I make pieces that penetrate a space by line compositions and reach the other side? I’ll try to find out.


Based in Cape Town, South Africa

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