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About Lars

Lars 2I am exploring the space between optical illusion and reality – the moment of the day meeting the night, above and below, outer and inner. That is the fundamental idea – a fine line which one can’t grasp just like that. One has to find a new language to pinch through and into it. It is part of my exploration that I described earlier.

I find it highly interesting where a space starts and where it stops: what are the boundaries… the wall? A wall always separates one side with the other. But what is in between? Can I make pieces that penetrate a space by line compositions and reach the other side? I’ll try to find out.

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Curriculum Vitae:

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“As it is with many artists, Lars J. Fischedick knows and understands the dilemma of pretending to be what you are not and hiding what you are. He has also come to know that the shadow in art as it is in life, has its own light.

Franz Kafka wrote: ‘ … A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us … ‘

To me, such is the work of Lars J. Fischedick. He has taken an axe to free a dormant creativity. As if slicing into a deep, genetic memory, he has given shape to a calligraphy of ancient lines, curves and shadows … a geometry of blood and stone, of one thing becoming something else. He has found his voice.”

Dr Ian McCallum, August 2017, Cape Town