The Wall
by Lars Fischedick, February 2017
You want to build another wall.
Divide the ones that have with the ones that don’t.
You say that you want to make your country great again and that you are saving it.
What is that Arc that you are busy building? You and the ones behind you.
I don’t want to be with you in that boat, even if it’s the last one there is.
You look down to the ones that have less and to those that hold an idealism close to their heart that has long been lost for you.
Ah, I understand, you are a go-getter. I can see that. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are not a sharer.
When was that idealism cut out of your heart? Where is your mother, where your father? Oh, I see, your father is one of those that stand behind you clapping on your shoulder: Well done, Son!
How many times have we seen this? How many times do we have to witness this?
The ideology that grows within your head, based on the lowest kind of thinking.
I am consciously not using believing because believing belongs somewhere else.
Oh, I have seen the rats hiding in their holes and under their hoods. At least now they have a face, once again and show themselves.
I remember the bullies in my hometown hiding behind the Oberbully. And when I met them alone by themselves they were just another rat.
Brothers and Sisters, the time has come to show ourselves.
The time is over to hide behind a screen, behind others.
Come join me to drive the rats back into their holes where they belong.
Because that’s where they have always been hiding, for centuries.
Come and stay in the sun, show your beautiful faces.
I am you and you are me.
I don’t want to sit in that boat with those people… I’d rather sink.
Let’s tighten our freight, our boat has long been built. We are facing rocky waters.
I’d rather sink with you!
In the end we can say that we stood up.
No spear and no bullet can drive that idealism out of me.